Tracking & Analytics

Extra targeting possibilities while adhering to a set of guidelines. Track & Analysis can go beyond geo to include carriers, languages, and delivering campaigns to the correct people.

Real Time Actionable Insights

Optimize campaign performance with real-time reporting which also helps to increase the results of ad spend.

Postback Logs

To check whether postbacks are firing correctly or not. Don’t need to wait for logs from partners to identify and rectify the error in integration.

Audience Targeting

Get more targeting options which are consistent with a standard. Targeting is not only limited to Geos but also can be expanded to the device level, carrier, and deliver.

Assessments, Workshops and Partnerships

We also build deeper partnerships with organizations to help guide them through their Good Jobs transformation. Using interviews, work observations, and data analysis, we assess you. We present our findings in a report that summarizes strengths and gaps identified.